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Lots of people buy things online now, so businesses need to be able to store and distribute things like books and games. Businesses also need parts and ingredients from all over the world to make their products, so they need truck and van drivers, train drivers, and people who manage what is called the ‘supply chain’. Amazon have a big warehouse in Deeside, and there are many warehouses throughout the region, all needing staff to keep them running.
People or goods move around the world by air, ocean, rail and road. There are hundreds of different jobs involved in this industry. Distribution involves getting products out into stores and supermarkets on time. This may mean for example with a pack of sweets: importing the sweets from the manufacturer; storing them; and then getting the sweets out to customers in shops or through delivery companies. Logistics involves organising the storage and transport of goods and services, to the right location at the right time and at the right cost! There are also lot of jobs involving planning and organising transport and also lots of practical jobs helping people travel such as a tram driver or jobs involving transporting goods.
Over 37,000 people work in this industry in Cheshire & Warrington. This is more than most places in England and is set to grow, so there will be lots of jobs in logistics in the future!

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You’ll need the ability to work well with others, the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure, excellent verbal communication skills, the ability to work on your own, concentration skills and pay attention to detail.

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