Retail Sales and Customer Service

There are approximately 287,000 retail outlets in the UK. Would you like to be working within one?

Working in retail is one of the most popular jobs in Cheshire and Warrington. Whether it is in an up-market shopping centre like Cheshire Oaks, or a big retail store like Ikea in Warrington, there are lots of jobs working serving the public, stacking shelves, and managing and supervising teams of people. There are also opportunities in selling to other businesses, like IT services to small businesses or beauty supplies to a spa.
The retail industry is responsible for the buying and selling of goods, from a chocolate bar to a car. It’s one of the largest industries in the UK, covering entertainment, fashion, food, health & beauty, homewares, sport & leisure and technology. Although there has been a move away from people buying on the high street to buying online, there are still many people employed in retail. Whether you fancy selling clothes, fresh fruit and vegetables or pet supplies there are lots of opportunities to work face to face with the public providing goods and services. These jobs can be at all levels and often provide flexible working and part-time opportunities too.
Over 41,000 people in Cheshire & Warrington work in retail, sales and customer service. The main skills required are communication, team work, enthusiasm, and an understanding of good customer service.

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You’ll need customer service skills, patience, the ability to work well with others, excellent verbal communication skills, a desire to help people and the ability to sell products and services.

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