Environment – Animals and Plants

Could a job that involves working with natural resources from our animals to our plants and trees be for you?

From working with animals in a vets or on a farm, to looking after gardens and parks, these jobs offer a wide variety of experiences. The biggest employers for these jobs are the NHS, Pets at Home, and Chester Zoo. The most important skill in these roles is team work, as you need to work well with other people to get the job done.
Fancy starting a career in agriculture or working with animals? This industry works with resources that are found or grow naturally; animals, plants & trees and food. It includes growing crops, raising and breeding animals, or harvesting timber, plants and livestock products from a farm or natural habitat. There are jobs at every level in agriculture and so many different careers working with animals. Working with animals can be a very competitive area to get into so it will be helpful if you can gain volunteering or work experience in this area.
Communication skills, management and planning are the top 3 common skills employers request in job adverts in this sector.

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You’ll need the ability to work well with others, physical fitness and endurance, the ability to work on your own, physical skills like movement, coordination and dexterity, persistence, determination and the ability to work well with your hands.

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