Theatre Attendant and Front of House Assistant

Theatre Attendant and Front of House Assistant


Front of house assistants or theatre assistants work in cinemas, theatres, and concert halls. Theatre assistants can do a variety of different tasks to ensure things are running smoothly so that people can enjoy themselves. This can include checking tickets, showing people to their seats, sell programmes, sweets and ice creams, or serve in the bar. They may also keep the cinema, theatre or concert hall tidy and collecting up rubbish. Some front of house assistants specialise in selling tickets. They are usually called box office assistants.


  • Helping visitors
  • Checking tickets
  • Showing people to their seats
  • Selling programmes, sweets and ice creams
  • Serving in the bar or cafe
  • Selling tickets
  • Collecting up rubbish and keeping the venue tidy


There are many different organisations across our region where front of house assistants may work such as cinemas like Cineworld Runcorn or ODEON Northwich Barons Quay. Theatres like Crewe Lyceum Theatre or The Brindley Theatre or concert halls such as Parr Hall.


Mainly this role involves working indoors.

Working Hours

There are no set working hours for front of house assistants. These vary depending on where they work and the particular job they do. In most jobs they do a lot of their hours in the evening and at weekends. Many front of house assistants work part-time.


This is variable and would be dependent on what organisation you were working for and the hours you worked as many are seasonal or part time. Starting salary is normally around £16,000.


You do not need any set qualifications to become a front of house assistant. There are no set exams to start at the basic level of this job although some employers may expect you to have GCSE – Grades 3, 2, 1 or grades D, E, F, G or higher. However, some employers would be more flexible and value your customer service skills and experience more.

You could also apply for an apprenticeship. If you have an EHCP you may be able to apply under the Dfe exemption which allows the apprentice to use Entry Level 3 English and Maths qualifications. The apprentice would have to be competent enough to successfully achieve all other aspects of the apprenticeship requirements, become occupationally competent and achieve Entry Level 3 in English and Maths before the end of their apprenticeship.

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