Street – Highways Cleaner

Street – Highways Cleaner


Highways cleaners keep footpaths, green spaces and streets clean and deal with litter, graffiti, and items left by the public.


  • Use cleaning machines and hand tools such as brushes
  • Clear drains and gullies
  • Use a pressure washer to clean paved areas
  • Remove litter, graffiti and fly posters
  • Use specialist machines to remove chewing gum from pavements
  • Clean equipment at the end of each day


Many street cleaners are employed by local councils.


Street cleaners do their work outdoors.

Working Hours

On average street cleaners work around 37-40 hours a week although many roles can be part-time.


Salary varies but on average starting salary is around £14,000.


You can apply directly for jobs. There are no set entry requirements, although you may need a driving licence to operate road sweeping vehicles.

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