Picture Framer

Picture Framer


Picture framers make frames for all sorts of things. These include artwork, photographs, certificates and objects such as medals.

People put these things in frames to look after them and to keep them on display.


  • Talk to customers about what they want
  • Give advice on colours, styles and materials for mounts and frames
  • Work out costs and give quotes and timescales for jobs
  • Cut mount board, plastic and glass to the correct size
  • Mount artwork and assemble frames
  • Pack and deliver finished framed items


Most picture framers are self-employed in our region. However sometimes organisations like museums, art galleries and art or photography shops may employ picture framers.


Picture framers work indoors in places like a shop, workshop or at home.


Starting salary is around £16,000.


There are no set entry requirements for this route. It may be possible to work your way into this role by starting as a gallery assistant. Working alongside an experienced framer may give you the chance to train on the job. You could start by taking a short course in picture framing run by a college or adult education centre. Some colleges may also cover picture framing as part of a broader art and design course.

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