Petrol Station Assistant

Petrol Station Assistant


Petrol station assistants serve customers who buy petrol or diesel at a petrol station. Most petrol stations also sell things like food, newspapers and maps. Petrol station assistants need to be polite, friendly and helpful to customers.


  • Serving customers who have bought petrol and other items in a petrol station
  • Switching on the petrol pump so that customers can fill their cars
  • Serving customers who want to use the car wash
  • Taking payment from customers
  • Making hot drinks and heating snacks for customers
  • Helping customers who have a problem in using the pumps
  • Keeping the petrol station tidy
  • Filling the shelves in the petrol station shop
  • Dealing with petrol deliveries
  • Ordering items for the petrol station shop
  • Checking the till at the end of the day


Petrol station assistants across the region may be employed by large petrol station companies, supermarkets or by privately owned petrol stations.


Petrol stations may be in towns, out-of-town shopping centres, motorway service stations or in the middle of the countryside. Working is mainly inside.

Working Hours

Petrol station assistants usually work about 37 hours a week. Many jobs only offer part-time work. Petrol station assistants are likely to work mornings, late nights and weekends.

Salary and Trends

Starting salary is around £13,500.


Some employers may ask for GCSEs at Grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) in English and Maths, some may be more flexible.

You could also apply for an apprenticeship. If you have an EHCP you may be able to apply under the DfE exemption which allows the apprentice to use Entry Level 3 English and Maths qualifications. The apprentice would have to be competent enough to successfully achieve all other aspects of the apprenticeship requirements, become occupationally competent and achieve Entry Level 3 in English and Maths before the end of their apprenticeship.

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