Market Research Interviewer

Market Research Interviewer


Market researchers ask people what they think about products, services or issues for different types of companies. Researchers have to like talking to people and feel confident to go up to strangers and ask them questions. Market research interviewers ask people questions to find out what they think about things they buy and services they use. This helps companies and other organisations to understand what people want. The questions are called a survey. Surveys could be about anything. They might try to find out what people think about a new kind of biscuit or crisps for example. Or they could be about things as varied as cars, clothes, shoes or travel services.


  • Finding out about the surveys they will be doing
  • Finding people to interview and ask questions, this could be on the street or visiting people’s homes
  • Interviewing people and asking questions over the phone or face to face
  • Writing down people’s answers


Market researchers are usually employed by marketing consultants or research companies and can be for any industry. The civil service also employ market researchers to complete surveys for the government.


Market researchers can work either outside in the street, where you would stop people walking by and asking them to take part in a survey. Other places would be working from an office and making telephone calls to people (this is called cold calling) or visiting people in their homes.

Working Hours

25-37 hours working either part or full time, and can be daytime, evenings and weekends.


Starting from £16,000.


You could apply directly for jobs. Employers will be interested in your personality, your enthusiasm and your communication skills rather than qualifications. Some employers will require some GCSEs, usually including English and Maths others will be more flexible. Charities often recruit volunteers to help with market research activities. This could give you valuable experience for job applications.

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