Machine Setter

Machine Setter

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A machine setter works with computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment to make important parts for the engineering and manufacturing industries.


If you like working with your hands this job could be for you. In your day-to-day tasks you would:

  • Programme the CNC machine tool with data from technical drawings
  • Work out the most efficient order to carry out machining tasks
  • Choose the right tools for each stage
  • Set the cutting speeds and tolerance levels
  • Operate the machine
  • Check that work meets quality and technical standards
  • Maintain equipment


You could work in a factory, warehouse or large plant such as vehicle manufacturing location in and across the region.


Your working environment may be noisy.

You may need to wear protective clothing.

Working Hours

42-45 hours per working week, but this could involve shift work and working evenings and weekends.


Salary: £20,000 – £35,000 per year.

Predicted trends -10.5% leading to: 5,535 fewer jobs by 2027.


For this role employers will normally require you to have a minimum of 2 or GCSEs at Grades 3 to 1 (D to G) or 2 or more GCSEs at Grades 9 to 3 (A* to D), or equivalent. Some employers may be more flexible and look at your practical abilities. You could also apply for an apprenticeship. If you have an EHCP you may be able to apply under the DfE exemption which allows the apprentice to use Entry Level 3 English and Maths qualifications. The apprentice would have to be competent enough to successfully achieve all other aspects of the apprenticeship requirements, become occupationally competent and achieve Entry Level 3 in English and Maths before the end of their apprenticeship.

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