Leisure Centre Assistant

Leisure Centre Assistant


Leisure centre assistants help visitors using the centre facilities. They may have to work on a reception desk and sometimes answer the phone, look after lost property and sometimes take payments from customers. They have to be polite, friendly and helpful and report any problems right away to the manager.


  • Greet customers to the centre and help with questions they may have
  • Help with events and activities
  • Keep the area clean and tidy
  • Check equipment and report faults to the Duty Manager
  • Keep a close watch on the swimming pool areas & make sure everyone is safe at all times


These types of jobs are usually small to large businesses and would be found at sports centres, gyms, and sometimes within a school. They could be private owned centres or owned and run by the local council.


Leisure assistants usually work indoors, but may be required to be outside if there are outside facilities like tennis courts, football pitch. Most would be required to wear a uniform so that customers know you are a member of staff as soon as they come in the building.

Working Hours

Leisure assistants can work either part time or full-time hours usually on a rota basis i.e. at different times during the day and evening and at weekends.


The starting salary is around £15,000 up to £20,000 per year.
Predicted trends: -1.5% job decline leading to 1,129 fewer jobs by 2027.


There are no set exams to start at the basic level of this job although some employers may expect you to have GCSE – Grades 3, 2, 1 or Grades D, E, F, G.

You could also apply for an apprenticeship. If you have an EHCP you may be able to apply under the DfE exemption which allows the apprentice to use Entry Level 3 English and Maths qualifications. The apprentice would have to be competent enough to successfully achieve all other aspects of the apprenticeship requirements, become occupationally competent and achieve Entry Level 3 in English and Maths before the end of their apprenticeship.

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