Kennel Worker

Kennel Worker


Kennel workers look after animals in boarding kennels, catteries and rescue centres. They mostly care for dogs and cats. Workers at boarding kennels and catteries look after animals whose owners have gone away. Kennel workers do many different tasks to look after animals. They give them food, water and any medicines they need. They play with the animals, clear up any mess, change the bedding, and take dogs for walks.


  • Looking after animals in boarding kennels, catteries and rescue centres
  • Making sure that the animals have enough food, water and exercise
  • Grooming the animals with a brush
  • Changing the animals’ bedding
  • Keeping the kennels clean
  • Doing office tasks like answering the phone and making bookings


Kennel workers are employed across the region in boarding kennels and catteries, animal care charities such as the RSPCA and animal rescue centres.


Animal workers spend a lot of time cleaning out animal living areas. If you work with dogs you spend a lot of time taking them on walks outdoors.

Working Hours

Kennel workers typically work about 40 hours a week. This is likely to include early morning starts, evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Average Salary

Salary – £12,000-£17,000.


A good general education will help you to compete for jobs and apprenticeships. Some employers will want you to have GCSEs, particularly English and Maths whereas other employers will be more flexible and will value experience and a love of animals.

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