Food Manufacturing Inspector

Food Manufacturing Inspector


Food manufacturing inspectors make sure companies meet hygiene and safety standards and that products are safe to eat.


  • Inspect conditions in slaughterhouses and processing plants
  • Carry out quality control checks
  • Test samples of raw ingredients and processed products
  • Analyse and present test results
  • Make sure production processes meet hygiene regulations
  • Train production staff in the importance of safety standards
  • Check labelling and packaging
  • Write quality reports
  • Advise companies about making improvements, and issue warning notices


Food manufacturing organisations like Arley Foods and Island Bay Foods..


You could work at a manufacturing plant or in an office.

Your working environment may be noisy and you’ll travel often. You’ll usually need a driving licence to travel between sites.

You may need to wear protective clothing.

Working Hours

Normally 40 – 42 Hours Per Week.


£20,000 – £35,000.


You could do a college course to get some of the skills and knowledge you need for this job.

Courses include:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Food and Drink Operations
  • T Level in Science

Once working, you would complete further training to become an inspector.

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