Dog Walker

Dog Walker


Dog walkers take dogs for walks when their owners are not able to do so. Their job may also include feeding the dog. Most dog walkers take several dogs out at the same time. That way they walk more dogs and earn more money. Dog walkers have to carry a supply of plastic bags. This is so they can clear up any dog mess that their dogs produce.


  • Collecting dogs and getting them ready for a walk
  • Feeding the dogs
  • Walking the dogs
  • Playing with the dogs
  • Clearing up dog mess on the walk
  • Keeping the dogs safe
  • Returning the dogs home
  • Cleaning and drying the dogs if they are muddy or wet
  • Finding out about the dogs by talking to their owners
  • Letting the owners know of any problems with the dog
  • Business activities such as managing the money and finding new clients


Dog walkers are generally either self-employed with their own business or employed by one or more dog walking businesses.


Dog walkers have to walk their clients’ dogs in all weathers. They spend a lot of time walking so they need comfortable waterproof boots and warm clothes.

Working Hours

There are no set hours for dog walkers. It is usually up to them to arrange their walking times with the dogs’ owners. However, many owners want their dogs walked in the middle of the day.


Salary – depends on how many dogs you walk.


You don’t need any set qualifications to do this work. It’s more important to like dogs and to be confident in handling them. You also need plenty of common sense so you can keep yourself and the animals safe.

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