Car Valet – Washer

Car Valet – Washer


Car valets clean and polish cars for customers. Car valets start by cleaning the outside of the car. They wash any dirt from the wheels, body and underside. They then remove any rubbish from the inside of the car, vacuum it out and shampoo the seats. They clean the windows and mirrors, then go back outside and polish the body.


  • Use hoses to clean vehicles
  • Clean windows, wheels, door handles and mirrors
  • Vacuum and shampoo upholstery and carpets
  • Wax and polish bodywork
  • Apply gels and other finishes to bumpers and trims
  • Steam clean engines, frames and wheel arches


Many car valets are self-employed. You could also work at a garage, at a car dealership, in a workshop or at a client’s business.


Car valets do most of their work outdoors, which can be in all weathers.

Working Hours

Car valets on average work around 37-40 hours a week.


Salary varies but on average starting salary is around £15,000 but this would depend on the number of cars you cleaned.


You can apply directly to work as a car valet. There are no set requirements, but it may be useful if you’ve got some experience in the motor trade, or in a related area like industrial or office cleaning.

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