Artists create works of art. These could include drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography or a mixture of these.


  • Work from your own ideas, or a commission from an individual or an organisation
  • Sell your work through an agent or through galleries, exhibitions, shops or online
  • Research subjects, materials and new artistic techniques
  • Network with agents, dealers, gallery owners and other artists
  • Attend exhibitions and join artists’ groups


Most artists are self-employed across the region. However, artists could be employed via art galleries, national and local art projects, colleges, schools, hospitals and prisons.


Most artists work in a workshop or a studio, sometimes from their own home.

Working Hours

Most artists are self-employed, and choose their own working hours.


Pay is variable depending on hours.


Volunteering with community arts projects can open up possibilities and extend your network of contacts, which could be useful for finding work. If you’re exceptionally talented and have taught yourself, you may be able sell your work without formal training or qualifications.

College- Many colleges offer courses such as Foundation Learning: BTEC Diploma in Art & Design Level 1.

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