Who is this site for?

Students with communication/interaction or cognitive and learning difficulties who are less likely to take GCSEs or Level 2 qualifications that employers recognise and are more than likely educated at special schools. These pupils will face unique challenges as they progress from school to further learning and the workplace. They are less likely to achieve, both in terms of their attainment and progression, and more likely to be NEET (not in education, employment or training) than their peers. This platform was created to ensure young people educated in special schools or those that have an EHCP can access careers information relevant to their needs. Every SEND student and their parents/carers should have access to good quality information about future study options, labour market opportunities and the Local Offer. The Cheshire and Warrington Your Futures site aims to offer this information in an accessible and easy format.

Why use it?

The site features a number of different career paths young people can enter with no formal or minimal qualifications due to their SEND needs. Careers and labour market information (LMI) can be hard to navigate especially for pupils with SEND. This site will allow access to easily digestible information relating to accessible career pathways, skills needed for those jobs, employment sectors and salaries. It is important to help young people start thinking early about transition and future careers. Young people with SEND may develop socially, emotionally, cognitively or physically at different rates and careful consideration needs to be given to help them process information. Using the Cheshire and Warrington Your Futures site aims to support positive career outcomes.

Future developments

We appreciate young people who have SEND have a wide range of abilities and skills and may not be educated in special schools. Students who typically attend mainstream school who are SEND will take GCSEs/Level 2 qualifications and should expect the same career outcomes as non-SEND pupils educated in mainstream including apprenticeships, further education, university, employment, enterprise and self-employment. With this in mind this site will be further developed in the future to include more jobs that require formal qualifications and both further and higher education opportunities to ensure all young people with SEND are included and can access the relevant site information.

Jobs to suit academic ability

Jobs can be filtered by entry requirements using a traffic light system:

  • Green = no formal qualifications required;
  • Amber = some qualifications may be required dependent upon employer and individual vacancy and;
  • Red = formal qualifications are required. Being able to understand career pathways suitable for different needs and abilities and potential future possibilities is vital for students with SEND.

Providing access to relevant careers information can help students determine their work preferences and skills, build a culture of high expectation and connect them to a different future.

Cheshire and Warrington Your Futures – For SEND young people

We’ve identified 20 key sectors in the Cheshire and Warrington region. Each sector will give young people an overview and key employability skills that employers are looking for within that sector. Within the sectors different roles are highlighted to young people giving them an overview of the role, job activities, organisations that may employ them, working environment, starting salary and general entry requirements. Links to external vacancies and video content is also included.

Cheshire and Warrington Your Futures Information Hub

This section of the site allows users access to a wealth of information and resources. It will help with next step study information and employment support services.
Young people with SEND and their families need specific information about which support mechanisms are available to help them enter the workplace including disability rights and available benefit packages.

Where Can You Study After School?

The Cheshire and Warrington Your Futures Careers Hub details information about local colleges with SEND provision, specialist SEND colleges, training providers, apprenticeships and supported internships.

The Local Offer

The SEND Local Offer (Disability & Special Education Needs) provides information all in one place. The Local Offer helps children, young people and their parents to understand what services and support they can expect from a range of local agencies – including their statutory entitlements.

Local Support Services

Are you based in the Cheshire and Warrington region? If so, find out what support you can access via Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Warrington Local Gov support, and Cheshire and Warrington NHS SEND services.

Importance of Cheshire and Warrington Your Futures

Understanding career pathways and future possibilities is vital for students with SEND especially those without the qualifications employers prefer. Good careers information can help students determine their work preferences and skills and build a culture of high expectation.

SEND Support Services and Charities

Looking for a job, employment support, post-16 support or skills support. Visit this area to access a wide range of support services and charities.

Support to Gain Access to Work

This section details information about the Jobcentre Plus service, Disability Confident scheme and Government funds to support you while in work.

SEND Career Resources

An array of career resources to support young people with SEND to develop skills, explore career choices and next steps.

Video Tutorials

We’ve added a range of videos to demonstrate what you can expect when working in specific job environments, what the job entails and whether it would match your aspirations.